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Stringing a Bass: Luke Wilson

Wilson and Greg Jones spend some time out on the water.
Luke Wilson, Greg Jones
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Luke Wilson believes in having a proper work/life balance so you don’t burn yourself out and can come back to work refreshed and ready to tackle new ideas. One of Wilson’s hobbies is heading out on Lake Monroe, Indiana, aboard his boat, Fishizzle, to fish.

“I’m a fishing nut. I carry a fishing pole in my truck everywhere I go. I will pull off on the side of the road and fish a stream. When I say I have a fishing pole, I have my waders, all my tackle, all my gear — I can walk down a creek anywhere in the country, wherever I’m driving — I will pull over, buy a fishing license on my phone and I’m fishing. I’m a boat fanatic too. I have some boats and I’d rather be on the lake than anywhere in the world.”

Engine Builder Content Director Greg Jones spent an afternoon out of the water with Wilson to learn more about how Wilson kicks back and takes in the blues of the sky and water. Check it out below.

In addition, Jones asked Wilson some rapid-fire questions about his interests, covering everything from his favorite engine to the largest catch he’s ever made. Get to know Wilson more in the video below.

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